Your Gateway to Central and South America


If you are looking for stable, reliable and guaranteed bandwidth in the United States, Central and South America, look no further than Boomerang Communications!

We own State of the Art Data Centers in Miami, Florida and San Jose, Costa Rica, from which we provide services such as Colocation, Cloud, Dedicated Servers and Managed Services, as well as fully redundant (BGP) bandwidth and DDoS protection and mitigation.

Our connectivity to Central and South America is unmatched, and 100% redundant via the Arcos, Maya and Level3 submarine cables that originate in Miami and provide Latin American countries with Internet.

Contracts with Tier I Internet providers in Miami guarantee the highest availability and uptime and peering contracts with high level IXPs such as FL-IX, DF-IX, MIA-IX, AMS-IX and NL-IX provide clients with access to an incredible number of Content and Service providers.